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Darcy Flint is a Cornish based artist. A painter of colour, form and light with a substantial appreciation of nature. His unique works often portray surreal compositions of both figurative and abstract components. He aims to document, reflect and then suggest, whilst exploring the relationship we share with the environment and technology. Themes in Flint’s work are often subtle, but very deliberate in application.


His work comes from the necessity to paint and as an argument to the boredom he found within a screen. He craved for something different to digitally manipulated visions; something more visceral, tactile and true to his primitive identity — this sincerity he finds in abundance through painting.  


Brought up in the Peak District, before moving to Plymouth in 2011, his work frequently pays homage to his surroundings and to the narratives he finds within them. Since a move to St Ives, Cornwall in January 2020, he finds his developing style once again manoeuvred by nature. In a strange year, one of peculiar isolation and fluctuating social restrictions, the dramatic scenes of West Cornwall has become an omnipresent backdrop to Flint's life. Predictably, this now manifests in his most recent works.

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