At the birth of his artistic career, Flint is expanding from a creative nucleus. Focusing on: the refinement of progression, the importance of reaction and the intrinsic fact that we are part of nature. Through the use of colour, form and expression, he attempts to celebrate infinite variety; doing so, with surreal and ambiguous imagery. Having been part of group shows in 2018, Flint looks to pursue his creative journey. 


A product of a unique life, his work comes from the nesessity to paint and as an argument to the boredom he found within a screen. He craved something different: not digitally manipulated visions. He craved something visceral, something tactile and something true to his primitive identity; he finds this sincerity in abundance through painting.  


Following school he attended Macclesfield College, gaining a Distinction for a Foundation Studies in Art & Design. He briefly studied Architecture at Plymouth University, before Graduating with a BA/Hons in Media Arts. Without the attachment to a traditional Fine Art education, Flint’s work is a testament to his desire to create. 


He portrays through multiple forms: music, writing and graphic design. However, he feels his paintings say the most, and they manifest to summarise it all. He continually explores the limits of his creativity: fusing the rearrangement of what he considered before.                


Having been based in Plymouth for eight years, Flint now resides in St Ives, Cornwall. 

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